I could write a book on dieting, losing weight, putting it back on, working out, bad eating habits, healthy food choices and changing your lifestyle... But I'll settle for a blog.

Losing 2 stone=eating biscuits

I’ve had a golden week! New phone, passed my driving test, got paid, hit the 2 stone mark and all in time for the bank holiday!

The last few weeks, I’ve been completely denying myself any treats and I was struggling to lose a pound! This week I had the odd biscuit or piece of chocolate when I craved it and I’ve lost 3 pounds… I’ve also only been to the gym 3 times this week (in comparison to 5) so I’m beginning to think I’m beating myself up over nothing. The truth is if you eat healthy, have treats in moderation and get to the gym as often as you can, you will slim down and get fit at a nice pace. My main objective this time around is to see this as more of a lifestyle change rather than a big extreme diet so the weight actually stays off.

In relation to last week’s Ab Blast class….

Never again…

Not because it was tough (and it really was) but because I clearly went to some sort of advanced class where everyone had abs of steel already and were doing one handed burpies. A day where I plank for 30 seconds is a great day so I’ll stick to my TRX core work for now. I’ll be back Ab Blast…

Have a happy healthy weekend all! 

Post soon :)

I <3 Kettlebells and Peanut Butter

So for anyone looking for a way to get a workout in without the mind numbing boredom of the gym, get to a Ketllebells class. They’re my new thing. Now, be prepared to not walk the next day but they’re a really good way to get some cardio and weights in at the same time. I do them in Shoreline in Bray, they do them in Greystones as well and in the Ben Dunne gyms so plenty around! They’re as fun as working out can get…

Tonight sees the commencement of my first ‘Ab Blast’ class. I can plank for 5 seconds and do about 10 sit ups before I get dizzy so this should be fun. In fairness, my stamina has increased a lot over the last few weeks so I hope it won’t be as bad as I anticipate (gulp).

Since last week, I’ve got loads of mails and texts to say well done for starting this so thank you very much. I didn’t really think it was a big deal at all but it’s nice to know there’s so many people in the same boat. The whole aim of this is to keep myself motivated, motivate others and just generally knowledge share. Weight loss and healthy eating is such a huge money maker at the moment that it can be hard to waft through the garbage online. Things that I once thought helped weight loss are actually a waste of time - I learnt this at the weekend when I sat down with Ebube and counted out how many calories we consume each day. (A woman should be taking in about 2,000 per day, 1,500 if you’re cutting.) Well I was consuming 1,300 up until lunch time, leaving myself 200 calories to work with for the rest of the day :o

I wouldn’t be a huge fan of calorie counting but because everything seems to be low fat and healthy these days I am finding myself checking the back of products a lot more now, even to just check the protein Vs carbs intake. A couple of people have asked what I’m eating so this would be a typical day for me:

7am Banana

8am Porridge with milk sprinkled with nuts and seeds

9am Coffee (with milk and sugar)

10.30am Yoghurt (ProBiotic full fat) & Apple

1pm Chicken/Eggs/Salad in some form

4pm Cuppa & 2 Flat Breads with peanut butter

5.30pm Protein Shake

7.30pm Whatever’s for dinner - pasta/salad/fish/roast/lasange

So as you can see I still have a bit of work to do! Coming off sugar, particularly chocolate, must be what methadone users feel like! At that 4 o’clock slump it takes everything in me not to dive into the biscuit drawer in work, literally. I’d hop off every single packet in there! I need to get some more protein in here and there, but that just comes with practice of eating more - I’m still getting used to eating often. Protein shakes are gross with water so I’m gradually lessening the amount of milk I take with them and I’m gradually taking less milk and sugar in the coffee. I’ve done it with my tea a few years ago and now I’d only ever have black tea. Slow and steady wins the race folks!!

Post soon :)


I lost 5 stone about 4 years ago but it has crept back on when I stopped gyming and eating right after I had a big op (which is just an excuse really, it doesn’t take 4 years to get over an operation!) I’m either one or the other, extremely into it or extremely lazy! I remember one of my brothers friends told me ‘if it was easy everyone would be doing it’ which is so true!

I’m 26 now and have really noticed the effect weight has on my health and mental well being. I’m quite tall (5’10) so people always tell me that I can ‘carry it well’ - what does that even mean?! I’ve noticed how unfit I am, how un-flexible I am and how much pressure my joints and organs are under, particularly my knees, heart and lungs. I won’t be having kids for another few years but I want to be able to chase them around the garden without running the risk of keeling over! Plus, it’s crap growing up as a fat kid so I want to influence them to have better eating habits than I did when I was younger so they don’t have to go through the uncomfortable situations that I did. (Being painted into a wet suit in Delphi - not to mention it was on backwards, mare! Being sang at in XX1 when ‘Big Girl You Are Beautiful’ came on, I will never forgive Mika for that song. And my favourite - having to get all the sandbags in Lanzarote to balance out the weight on the poor camels back when myself and Aisling went on holidays in 3rd year.)

So, since January I’ve lost 22 pounds which is just from healthy-ish eating, as in cutting down the carbs, upping the protein, walking a few times a week in the evening and hardest of all cutting down on the junk (I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth, I’d pretty much die for chocolate) and keeping takeaways and alcohol to a minimum. It’s not rocket science but so much easier said than done. Now that I’ve lost all the ‘bloated/water weight’ I’ve joined the gym again, wouldn’t be a huge fan but I try to get a class or a swim in every now and then to keep it interesting. I have come to face the fact that I wasn’t blessed with a high metabolism so the gym will be part of my life, forever. I expect to see results over the next few weeks and it is at this stage where it becomes enjoyable (I use that term lightly) and I look forward to working out and eating healthy.

I would like to say I’ll post daily updates on my progress but let’s be honest that’s not going to happen. Post soon :)

Christmas has literally come early.. Fuuuuull Blast!!

Christmas has literally come early.. Fuuuuull Blast!!

From GQ to L’Uomo Vogue


Frank Ocean in Italian fashion bible L’Uomo Vogue.

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My new XO jumper! Sick of tryna get one online so my bro made me an early Xmas present. Thanks Markie :D 
Need to get the real stuff soon though :/

My new XO jumper! Sick of tryna get one online so my bro made me an early Xmas present. Thanks Markie :D 

Need to get the real stuff soon though :/

He’s just too good. XO

As well as some Mellowhype, Drake and Belly&#8230;

As well as some Mellowhype, Drake and Belly…